Ludicrous? Yes.

We live in a world where our newsfeeds are tailored to our preferences. Yet learning is based on outdated, generalized content delivery. It's about time the education system adapted to our unique needs. And it's about time someone did this for corporate training.

Personalized learning paths

Self-directed IFTTT learning paths that are customized to your Everything DiSC(TM) behavioral style.

Teasers from our course

Course mechanics


Your Everything DiSC(TM) behavioral style is the basis of your learning experience.

24 different
learning paths

IFTTT scenario-based branching allows you to enjoy a deeply personalized experience.

250+ videos
per course

Stitched video scene editing allows for a truly fresh and fast-paced micro-learning approach.


Multiple interaction points to deepen your immersion in the topic and enhance reflection.

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